Kumba la Jaiva !

Dance and Music workshops 
in Dominican Republic

A two weeks odyssey into traditional, ritual and popular cultural expressions of the Caribbean...
Come to experience the rich Dominican and Caribbean Music and Dances
in a two weeks workshop! Get immersed in an exciting  and tropical but real world of cultural and social experiences. Professional Dominican dancers, musicians and cultural workers will introduce you the different styles of dances and rhythms and let you experience the magnificent and diverse Afro-Caribbean culture.
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Kalalú-Danza, a non for profit cultural organization, offers you Popular, Traditional and Ritual Afro-Caribbean music and dance workshops, unique in the Dominican Republic.

During your stay you will be introduced different musical and instrumental styles and the dedicated professors will tell you about the cultural, social and magico-religious background. You will attend 4 hours of classes of dance or music each weekday. We propose workshops at different levels from beginners to advanced, so that everyone can set his own pace.

Out of the mass tourism trails, you will have the opportunity to visit genuine cultural expressions in places like Villa Mella  (known for its unique Congos, Salsa, and Son Dancers), Nigua and Haina (strong Afro influence remains) or  the Bateys (villages in the sugar cane fields famous for its colourful Gaga ), etc., where ritual music and dance still occupy a really important position in every days life, as does the popular Bachata and Merengue that you will find mostly everywhere.

And you will have plenty of time to explore at your convenience the beauty of the Dominican beaches, mountains, natural parks, lakes, indian caves and wildlife (whales, iguanas, flamingos, crocodiles) 

As a responsible organization Kalalú-Danza follows a Code of Ethics and ask you to comply to a Code of Conduct in order to preserve cultural, environmental and social sustainability. The revenues of this workshops are used for its cultural and development work with marginal and rural communities, see our Web for more information.

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