Kumba la Jaiva !

Dance and Music workshops 
in Dominican Republic

A two weeks odyssey into traditional, ritual and popular
cultural expressions of the Caribbean...

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A complete workshop of Afro Dominican Popular and Traditional Music and/or Dance, in their Caribbean context, with renowed profesional artists and teatchers. Take excursions to genuine and non touristic cultural celebrations, enjoy night and day cultural actvities, the beach, eco-tours or free town discovery.

In this page

We propose two different  packages with the same workshop contents

Our regular package includes one week in Santo Domingo and another out of town, on the beach side, with an all inclusive accommodation

Our student special package takes place entirely in Santo Domingo (with the beach only half an hour away).

The workshop




The dancers will have the opportunity to take 2 classes of 90 minutes each weekday morning, one of popular dances and one of Afro dances (accompanied with live drumming). 
This makes 20 classes during your stay. (you better come in good shape!)

The first day of the workshop the participants will be evaluated and assigned into a  level: beginner, advanced or professional (so don't worry too much). 

The music and drums lovers will also have 2 sessions each morning. 

(see Example of a day program)


Some of the popular dances and rhythms are Merengue, Bachata and Salsa, which is danced in Dominican Republic with a different style from Cuba or Colombia. This island has a rich and diverse collection of traditional and ritual dance and music style. Learn more about them in our Dominican Rhythms and Dances pages.

In the music classes you will be first introduced to the singing and the cultural context of the Afro Caribbean rythms and will then learn to play the different instruments as bambous, maracas, clave, guira, marimba, and a large variety of drums (tambú, tambora, conguito, palo, atabal, etc.) 

An optional "make your instrument" workshop is also offered, so you can take back home a bambou or a maraca...


The coordinator of the contents and techniques of the workshop is Marily Gallardo (CV), renowned professor, choreographer and interpreter. The classes are taught by a team of professionals with a great reputation in the Dominican Republic and worldwide.

An interpreter English- Spanish will be present to help with translations during your stay.

Example of a day program


7:45 - 8:30
Breakfast at your hotel
9:00 - 9:20
Collective Warming up exercise (Afro and Hâta Yoga techniques )
9:30 10:45 
Afro dance
level 1
Popular dance level 2
Music 1
10:45  - 11:00 AM
11-30 - 12:45
Popular dance level 1
Afro dance level 2
Music 2
The rest of the day (as the weekends) you have plenty of time to freely discover the city, its museums and  Zona Colonial, or go in some eco and/or alternative tours that will be optionally proposed to you
7:30 9:00 P.M.
Activities or free time
(some activities will start earlier (18:00) if a longer bus ride is necessary)

Cultural and artistic  activities
The first day you will have an introductory lecture about the Afro-Dominican culture and its relation with other Caribbean expressions.

All along your stay you will be encouraged to relationate with local residents, in a respectful and open minded way so you all get know better about each other, and set a genuine and rich exchange.

You will make at least two visits to communities where traditional or ritual music and dances are still part of daily life, to assist to a celebration. Depending of the period you stay, it could be:

  • A visit to a colourfull  Gaga ceremony in a Batey
  • A visit to the Congos rituals at Villa Mella
  • Guloya (Masquarade) dancers at San Pedro
  • Carnival in Santo Domingo or La Vega
  • Celebrations of Palo of Hato Mayor
  • The Sarandunga in Bani
  • Palos in NiGua or Haina black settelments
  • Mani or Salve in Mata Los Indios
Also included in your package 
  • A night around the best tradictional Dominican Son and Salsa dance sites, in the  suburbs of the city.
  • Santo Domingo flash and lights: a guided night in the capital of the Merengue and its open sky dicotheque (the famous Malecon).
Santo Domingo is a living cultural capital. Many  artistic events occur along the year; dexpending on  your period of stay we will take you, or orient you, for the best entertainment choices.

The regular package

The first week in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic and the first city of the new world with her beautiful Zone Colonial, with her rich night life and numerous cultural activities and sites.  You will stay in hotel Plaza Colonial*** based on double occupancy (suites with two rooms, kitchen and two bathrooms and air conditioning) and daily breakfast.The hotel is central located near the entrance of the Zona Colonial and transport means. You have, close to this hotel,  a large choice of economic or luxurious restaurants with all kinds of local and international food.

The second week you will stay in Juan Dolio, a small tourism destination located at the beachside. You will stay in hotel Punta Garza*** on an all-inclusive base (all meals, drinks and water and activity sports are included). This place is well served by public transport. 

Special student package

For students we have a special discount and some extra advantages.

During the two weeks you will be staying in Santo Domingo in a youth hostel or you share an apartment with other students. At the reservation form you can fill in what you prefer. These accommodation are situated in the Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo where a lot of other students and young people from the whole world are living. 

For more information for the student package click here


Now you check the next avalaible Dates and Prices,  and have a look at the Code of conduct and Book!. If you need more information  send an e-mail to <yacine@kiskeya-alternative.org>