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A two weeks odyssey into traditional, ritual and popular
cultural expressions of the Caribbean...
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    Are you a student searching for new experiences? Want to discover genuine cultures ? Looking to exchange of ideas and opinions with fellow students on the other side of the world? Ready for a lifetime experience? Or maybe you are a descendant of Caribbean migrants and want to explore you roots?

    For YOU  we have a special price and some extra advantages!

    We offer you the 15 days workshop package (including accomodation) for 900US$! 

    For this price you will have the full workshops contents with:

    • a two week music and dance workshop 
    • the extra activities such as:
      • an introductory lecture about the Afro-Dominican culture and its relation with other Caribbean expressions, 
      • at least two visits to communities where traditional or ritual music and dances are still part of daily life, to assist to a celebration, 
      • and the two night tours: one around the best tradictional Dominican Son and Salsa dance sites, in the  suburbs of the city, and the other "Santo Domingo flash and lights", a guided night in the capital of the Merengue and its open sky dicotheque (the famous Malecon).

    The only diffrence is in the accommodation as, during the two weeks you will be staying in Santo Domingo in a youth hostel, you share an apartment with other students or in a family house. In the reservation form you can fill in what you prefer. 

    These accommodations  are all located in the Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo where a lot of other students and young people from the whole world are living. 

    Nightlife and Culture

    As you may know Santo Domingo is a living cultural capital. Many  artistic events occur along the year; depending on  your period of stay we will take you, or orient you, for the best entertainment choices. 

    Even late at night, it is a safe city with a very good and cheap transportation system. You will be free to make your own nightlife guide through the fancy discotheques, the luxurious nightclubs or the popular bars and dacing "car wash".

    Are you experienced?

    As we know from personal experience, spending time in a foreign country, in a total different environment is an experience to remember. By learning another language, other values, norms and traditions, you can give a positive turn to your perception of the world. By experiencing another culture you can enrich your mind. By interacting with a different host population, you can discover another way of living. Exploring a different country with all this different aspects is an experience never to forget!

    Spanish Classes

    For an extra payment you get the opportunity to attend spanish classes in your free afternoons. As spanish is the second most important language of the world, it will be an advantage for you to know some basic rules and expressions.  You will be better able to interact with the Dominican people!

    Read some of this student experiences in Santo Domingo click here!

Now you check the next avalaible Dates and Prices,  have a look at the Code of conduct and Book! If you need more information  send an e-mail to <yacine@kiskeya-alternative.org>