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Ecotourism, Alternative/Sustainable tourism and 
e-commerce in Haiti 
and Dominican Republic

Kiskeya is, along with Ayiti and Bohio, a Taino indian name for the island that is today shared by
the  Dominican Republic
and Haiti




This project is launched for developing  Information Technologies applications and uses to help sustainable tourism destinations develop and impact positively, as much as possible, on social, economical, cultural and environmental aspects in both Dominican Republic and Haiti.

This includes creating and developing new promotion and commercialization channels, direct communication and interaction between "consumers and producers", higher awareness and consciousness of tourism impacts, "quality" control on service and sustainability evaluation, niche market expansion, specialized information access and diffusion,  cooperative networking for collective thinking, actions and services, etc.- (more info)

We actually are in the first phase developing several area programs (see below). Our next phase will be, building up new sustainable tourism products combining several partners destinations completed with complementary services, to set and test the mechanisms for promotion and commercialization,  a full information center, conduct market interactive surveying, sustainability certification and quality label  programs, etc.

Please, send us your comments on our site and project, or, share with us your knowledge, learn and participate. Also keep yourself updated on this project progress,  and come back soon !

Yacine Khelladi, coordinator of the The Kiskeya Alternativa team, (July 1999)

important update on the project status

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  • Offers in Dominican Republic considered as ecotourism, or sustainable tourism 

  • Some Tourism, Culture and Ecotourism Events

  • Publications @  Kiskeya Alternativa (new on 30-Nov-00)

  • Kalalú-Danza now offers Afro Dominican Dance, Music, and Culture Workshops
  • Travel Books  for Haiti and the Dominican RepublicIn Association with

  • Some data on Tourism in Haiti 

  • Destination DjonDjon "Haitian Initiative Group on Alternative Tourism" site.

  • Listing of Alternative Tourism projects and Offers 

    Research Area
  • Tourism Sustainability Certification program (full update 23/08/99)

  • Electronic forum on "alternative, integral, ecological and cultural tourism" issues in the Caribbean -CANGONET . (since 1996)

  • Publications @  Kiskeya Alternativa

  • Links Full text documents on sustainable tourism (in spanish)
  • About this project:
  • Project description: objectives, hypothesis, and antecedents (05/99)

  • The first phase of the project (April - November 1999) was implemented with support from the International Development Research Center (IDRC) through the its participation in the Research Consortium on Electronic Commerce and Sustainable Tourism
  • For details on inclusions details in each section see the What's new page

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    important update on the project status
    en francais / french
    Attention: Lisez cet avis sur la situation actuelle du projet
    Importante aviso sobre la situación actual del proyecto

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