Data on alternative tourism in Haiti

related to the progress of KAD project

1- The Destination DjonDjon group

In July 1998 a group of  institutions involved in tourism (private, public, NGOs, etc.) held its first meeting, and constituted itself as the "initiative and reflection group on alternative tourism in Haiti".

This was made possible thanks to a coordinating effort of a french NGO present in Haiti, the AFVP, that conducted a study on tourism as an alternative for community development in Haiti,

The group original objectives are:

This groups has been meeting and consolidating, and as a first result is organizing a big training workshop in port au Prince in October 1999, with support and teachers from Haiti and (French) Guadeloupe. The group adopted the name of "Destination Djondjon" in March 1999. The djondjon is a mushroom used in typical haitian cuisine.

Kiskeya Alternative have been participating since the beginning in the group, actually hosts its web site and hope to provide a selected group of its members benefits of its commercialization and promotion program.

For more information consult the Destination Djondjon web site you'll find listing of initiatives and members, meeting reports and information on the projected training workshop.

2- The situation in Haiti reviewed with the Tourism Secretary of State (SET)

(Source: a meeting in July 1999 within the Tourism Secretary of State (SET) of Haiti.)

General situation of tourism in Haiti
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