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Actually in activity (all active members of Destination DjonDjon)
Organization Type
Main Offer
S.I.T.E: Syndicat d'Initiative pour un Tourisme Écologique, Local community association housing 
journeys in the mountain
Camp Perrin
AMETS Association des Micro Entreprises Touristiques du Sud-Est, association private families bed and breakfast Jacmel (south east)
DOA.BN Delegasyon Oryantasyon Atisana Bluntschli Nicolas.  private or NGO? solidarity groups, journeys organization thematic tours Port au Prince and country wide
LIMYE LAVI / BEYOND BORDERS private or NGO? solidarity groups, journeys organization thematic tours  Port au Prince and country wide
GRANPRE private Gîte rural de Milien Haudefeuille.  Cap HAITIEN (north)
GÎTE DE SEGUIN private actually 3 rooms in Seguin  SEGUIN (Port au Prince area)
ÎLE DE LA TORTUE  private rental of local community houses, in project touristic resort ILE DE LA TORTUE (north island)
ILE A VACHE private 6 bungalows ILE A VACHE (south island)

Projects Not yet in activity (all active members of Destination DjonDjon)

Organization Type
Main Offer
MOSCEM: Mouvement Socio-Culturel et Économique de Mare-Rouge. local community association housing
tours, bungalows
Mare Rouge North West 
SAC, Secrétariat d'Appui aux Communautés, Foundation several projects around the country, has experience with women groups county wide
ODTS, Organisation pour le Développement du Tourisme dans le Sud,  NGO ecotourism project in OKAY zone  Aux Cayes / OKAY
Kosmika Resorts S.A.,  Private, but works closely with Mouvman Peyisan Papaye  Toursim project with local associations  Plateau Central (Centre) and Milot (North)
PROJET ROUTE 2004 Gov. North route project with ISPAN (national patrimony), UNDP and UNESCO) North
UNIR/University Quisqueya Academic Project in Furcy, where this university has a rural development project with Kellogg's foundation support Furcy, PAP area
Wynne Farm, Kenscoff  private A farm in Kenskof wishes to develop a tourism lodge Kenscoff, PAP Area
ATPPF: Appui Technique à la Protection des Parcs et des Forêts  Gov. ecotourism project in 3 parks: Parc Macaya , Parc la Visite, Forêt des Pins.  3 parks country wide


Other detected projects through Internet, non (yet?) members of Destination DjonDjon

Organization Type
Main Offer
Reality Tours, a division of Global Exchange, 

Luis <>

NGO ? organizing a study seminar entitled "Haiti: A Culture of Resistance" October 1999 Country wide Yes
Louis Gravel <>  private ? I am going to Haïti on the 10th of July ()I will use the 
opportunity to look into the possibilities of starting an eco-tourism project in the North of Haïti
North No
kevin pina <> NGO I would like to start preparing for a tour of our coffee projects in Milot, including a unique tour of La Citadel. Milot (North) No
Africana Studies Department at 
UMass , Boston 
University timely offers a program on location in Haiti. The program explores the history, politics, UniversitéCaraibes in Montrouis,  Yes
Alternative Arts Studio
Mont-Rouis / Contact: 'Jean Role Jean Louis, Coordinator, Alternative Arts Studio' <>.
Artist arts  / guest house Mont Rouis  Yes
Fonkoze, Haiti's Alternative Bank 
for the Organized Poor


Peasant Association of Fondwa (APF)

Sr. Anita Von Wellsheim, Fonkoze Albany 799 S. Pearl Street   Albany, NY 12202  - 1.800.275.4805

offering a unique travel 
experience for those interested in learning firsthand about sustainable economic development in the countryside of Haiti.  Fondwa: A Model of Rural Community  development is a program designed to give people a chance to visit 
the community of Fondwa
(before Jacmel coming from Port au Prince)

Bilateral BLEP project Haiti- Dominican Rep. financed by European Community Governemental bodies preparing environmental tourism in the central frontier zone Lakes near Fond Parisien (HT)and Jimani (DR) NO

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