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A two weeks odyssey into traditional, ritual and popular
cultural expressions of the Caribbean...

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 Code of Conduct for Visitors

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Code of Ethics of Kiskeya Alternativa 
  • Concerning communities
  • Concerning local culture
  • Concerning natural environment
  • Concerning visitors
  • Our Certification program
  • Code of conducts for the visitors

    Kalalú-Danza that is a non for profit organization focusing on Afro-Caribbean identity revaluation, and conducts research and training activities as artistic performances and projects involving marginal communities and children. 

    It has created  Kiskeya Alternativa as a program to use the Internet tools to enhance alternative tourism social, economical, cultural and environmental sustainability in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. By generating income out of tourism activities, Kiskeya Alternativa supports its activities and the projects of its umbrella organization Kalalú-Danza.

    As a tour operator,  Kiskeya Alternativa  creates packages with different aspects, as culture  nature and community. Community integration is a big issue in our developing of tourism products. We conceive alternative tourism as a conscious way of travelling, wherein open-minded travellers and host communities meet each other with mutual respect. In this meeting, traveller and host learn about each others social, cultural and environmental background. Alternative tourism is a personal search for real experiences and original entertainment away from the crowd in luxurious isolated resorts. It is about building paths oneself, while the traveller chooses where to stay and what to do and always looks for harmony with the hosting space.

    To point out what we really stand for and to realize sustainable tourism development and community participation, we created a code of ethics for Kiskeya Alternativa and other collaborating organizations and a code of conducts for visitors.


    Code of Ethics of Kiskeya Alternativa

    Concerning communities, our intentions are to:

    Concerning local culture, our intentions are to: Concerning natural environment, our intentions are to: Concerning visitors, Besides setting up these guidelines, we develop monitoring mechanisms so we can ensure the guidelines above are going to be applied.

    Certification program

    Kiskeya Alternativa has developed a Tourism Sustainability Certification Program  program with the objectives of (a) develop a tool to be sure to integrate in our project only partners (tourism operators) that meet minimal levels of sustainability on the environmental, social and cultural aspects (unfortunately in Dominican Rep. and Haiti anyone can today label itself as "ecotourism"); (b) develop and continue the process in collaboration with other institutions (environmental Ngos, academic, official) to build real and complete tool for establishing a National Certification Program; (c) Establish mechanisms for permanently monitor our integrated partners on their activities sustainability and "product quality".

    A first tool was build up: The Tourism Sustainability Identification Questionnaire that you can access on line starting at our Tourism Sustainability Certification Program pages.

    Code of conducts for the visitors

    Kiskeya Alternativa is a local, responsible ecotour operator. We treat the environment, the culture and her members with the highest respect as stated in our Code of Ethics.

    The Dominican Republic is a beautiful country with a great diversity of animals, flora and fauna and cultural sites. We ask you to help us to establish a harmony between people and the natural environment so that fragile habitats and places of cultural importance are conserved for our future generations.

    By observing the next travel tips and following them you could only help preserve the Dominican environment and culture and upgrade your own quality of life.

    In the natural environment and the cultural sites

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