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There is not much on the web compared to the listing of what can be in first instance called (or that is self denominated) ecotourism.

Located in the island central mountain region of Jarabacoa and Constanza we have the Rancho Baiguate - Jarabacoa offering housing, horses, canyoning, etc, and the packages of the Get wet The Adventure Company.

A bit more north we have  Iguana Mama a company offering Mountain biking, hiking and cross culture vacations. As tourism  sustainability is an important concern, lets notice several pages let's notice several pages of this site as (1) Eco-Guidelines of Iguana Mama (2) VOLUNTEER JOB OPPORTUNITIES Community Projects(3) Educational Eden  Students and Teachers .
tinglar torugas taken resized from site
For the SAMANÁ area, we again recommend visiting the CEBSE (both web site and physical office) Conservation and Eco-Development of Samaná Bay and its Surroundings " with descriptions of the eco-activities in the region this NGO is working with grassroots association on ecotourism projects.  All pages in Spanish and English, for Whale watching and  Los Haitises Natural Park (short description) El Limón , the famous Cascade and its the community ecotourism association, including  recommendations, for the Samaná: what do do, what not to do. Learn more also in this newsletter article about cooperation with CEBSE to help  Dominicans Learn to Care for Horses

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