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Whale, Bird and Butterfly Watching

Whale Watching
A very special feature of Dominican Republic, is the annual visit of Humpback Whales, from December to March, in the Samaná Bay and the Banco de la Plata sanctuary. This is the very magic place where they come to love and reproduce.

Several sites are related to the whale watching activity as the CEBSE web, the  Center for the Conservation and Eco-Development of Samaná Bay and its surroundings that also contains a page for the boat owners association  (Asociación de Dueños de Barcos de la Bahía de Samaná in spanish only) which includes prices but no online contact. Check also the recommendations "Attention Whale Watchers".

whale image taken from CEBSCE site
One of the early, and non commercial, whole site on whale watching with long descriptions, documents, information an laws and  alerts, is the Whale Watching in the Dominican Republic (in spanish). This site also includes a set of links

whale image taken from CEBSCE site
The Sec. of Tourism of Dominican Rep. web has also its Ballenas Jorobadas en la República Dominicana page, as the Rincon Dominicano Cuna de gigantes page.

We also find on the web some commercial offers as  Humpback Whale Adventure in the Dominican Republic by The Divine Dolphin and an offer from The Divine Dolphin,  2000 North Atlantic Humpback Whale Adventure

In our page related to the ecotourism operators, we have a list of the whale watching businesses in the Samaná area
Bird Watching
  • A REPEAT OF OUR HIGHLY POPULAR EXPEDITION TO THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC   December 4-12, 1999 Trip Led By ANDREI SOURAKOV "The Dominican Republic on the island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean is one of the most spectacular Neotropical sites a lepidopterist can visit. With over 193 recorded species, this island is the most diverse in the West Indies for butterflie"

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