Afro Caribbean Performing Arts Research and Training Lab


Santo Domingo - Dominican Republic. 

"Juan kalalu! Juan kalalu! prende la vela y dame la luz!"
(Juan Kalalú is a Dominican children game character)
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  • The Afro Caribbean concept synthesizes the essence and the expression of the cultural diversity of the Caribbean. This is  why the creation  of Kalalu-Danza is a special research of the rhythm, the movement, the oral traditions and symbolical complexes that, from the african origin, remains in the popular artistic manifestations, from which are generated the meanings that formulate our scenic arts and our  autonomous way to well being.
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    To contribute to the development of the Caribbean cultural identity from the revaluation of the Afro Caribbean artistic expressions.
    Kalalú-Danza is an institutional structure, that sets out and  coordinates under a common methodological framework several  research and training projects or programs. It  is a laboratory in the particular field of the scenic expressions and socio-cultural research grouping professional artistic, cultural and development project managers and cultural anthropologists. This proposal has by generic objective the development of the Afro Caribbean cultural expression focusing the dance like integrating element of the artistic proposal.


    • To conserve and to reevaluate the African ancestral legacy as a significant component of our culture and artistic expressions;
    • To consolidate a methodological, theoretical and practical framework that systematizes the essential principles and the aesthetic values of the scenic proposal Afro Caribbean:
      • to modify the marginal condition of "Afro" expressions  in the artistic values;
      • to systematize the artistic training from an ethno-cultural base;
      • to promote new tendencies that develop Afro Caribbean scenic concept;
      • to promote international and national, artistic and cultural  exchanges that consolidates the Caribbean identity;
      • to accompany or base projects of  projects of integral education and/or community development;

    • Formulation and implementation of training and research programs, guaranteeing coherence and continuity in the methodological framework;
    • Participation in the design and implementation of multidisciplinary and Inter institutional projects of integral education and/or community development;
    • Spreading and dissemination of the methodological results of research through the systematization of the levels and degrees in the interpreters and, the organization of public workshops and seminars;
    • Development of exchange networks with institutions and people specialized in the Afro Caribbean culture;.
    • Promotion and organization of national and regional meetings on the scenic and cultural Afro Caribbean proposal (traditions and new currents);
    • Recollection and public offering of the scientific information and audio-visual documentation;
    • Sensitization towards the general public, individuals, state and cultural institutions, through meetings and conferencs,, periodic publications in the press, bulletins, and actions towards schools.
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    Dominican Republic
    Tel: 1-809 537 89 77 Fax: 1-809-221 42 19
    e-mail: yacine@aacr.net