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 Natural Parks - Fauna and Flora

Guides and Sites descriptions -

In the official web site of the Secretary of Tourism of Dominican Rep  starting at the National Parks and Ecotourism:  page  we find 3 other pages of short english descriptions of National Parks and Ecotourism sites in Dominican Rep. In spanish also: Ecologia y Ecoturismo en la Republica Dominicana  a short introduction on Ecotourism, Parques Nacionales y Reservas Naturales de la República Dominicana  short descriptions of the Natural Reserves and Parks, and biodiversidad de la Republica Dominicana   about biodiversity in Dominican Republic.
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The National Hotel Association - Asonahores Press Kit presents also descriptions and some contact information in the english pages The Dominican Republic is an adventurer's dream,   An underwater look at the Dominican Republic;    National Park and  Dominican National  Parks and Nature Reserves.
Also The Tourist Guide of Dominicana of Codetel (the main local telephone company) offers in Spanish and English a page on El Ecoturismo en Dominicana-Ecoturism in Dominicana with short descriptive introduction (old - 1995) but links announced in this page do not work

More scientific descriptions of National Parks, with a lot of pictures (flora and fauna) as part on the UNDP/GEF project on Conservation and Management of Biodiversity in the Coastal Zone web site that includes pages on:
  • Parque Nacional Monte Cristi (in spanish and here in  english),
  • Jaragua National Park (in english end here in spanish
  • Los Haitises National Park (spanish and in in english)
  • Bahía de Samaná y su entorno (in spanish)

  • Several other sites contain a single page on ecotourism, mainly on natural parks, as:

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